Refund Up To 3% – Huge Profit From Hi88 For Gamers

Refund up to 3% is the leading hot search keyword phrase on social networks in recent days. With a prize value of more than 10 million VND, promotions from the house Trang chủ Hi88 is attracting a large number of gamers. Please quickly update the great deals in the article below.

Refund up to 3% – Super bargain promotion for gamers

DealerHi88 has launched a super promotional product with a refund of up to 3% to bring high profits and minimize risks for gamers. However, many people still wonder about the organization rules of this big event.

Subjects participating in receiving promotions Hi88

Hi88 The bookmaker has always had a variety of customer appreciation promotions up to now. To please fans, the bet refund event when losing is applied to all members participating in betting.

Promotion content refund up to 3%

Recently, many gamers were extremely excited when the house launched a program to refund bet losses of up to 3% in our country. You will enjoy unlimited play times, instant refunds with a total prize value that is extremely high. Therefore, whether you win or lose your bet, you will still be refunded 0.6 – 3.0% by the house every day.

For example: Member A bets 1,000,000 VND at the Sports lobby during the day. The refund rate of this game hall is 2%, so the amount that friend A receives will be: 1,000,000 VND x 2% = 20,000 VND.

Conditions for participating in the bet refund promotion

To participate in this super hot program, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • The player has become an official player and has at least 1 bet inHi88.
  • Deposited money into your account and placed bets at eligible betting halls.
  • The rebate level is calculated based on the valid revenue of each betting hall during the day.
  • Players need to comply with all terms and conditions of the promotion to receive a refund.

What should you note when participating in the 3% cashback promotion?

Refund up to 3% is an attractive promotion that attracts a large number of players to participate. However, gamers need to note the following to ensure their rights:
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  • Have valid turnover: Eligible turnover for refund calculation is total bet minus total winnings and refunds received. Draw bets, canceled bets, void bets or bets placed on two opposing sides will not be counted towards valid turnover.
  • Promotions only apply to members who own a single personal account at the house. Accounts with the same address, phone number, and IP on the Internet will not be able to participate in this promotional event.
  • Hi88 reserves the right to cancel bonuses and winnings if fraud or violation of program regulations is detected.
  • Each game hall will have different refund levels, so please read the information on the website carefully Hi88. If you have any questions during the participation process, please contact customer support for answers.


So, we have introduced to you the promotion program Refund up to 3% super terrible wordsHi88. Please quickly register to participate to receive many other attractive gifts from the program right away.

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