What is Ha Phom? Detailed instructions on how to play for new players

Phom is one of the classic card games and extremely fun. However, many people still ask what is hypo phom? in game. So in today’s article, let’s New88 Go find out that answer as well as how to play and experience winning.
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Find out what is ha phom? 

Phom, also known by other names such as ta la, ù, is a Vietnamese way of playing Tu Lo Kho. The number of participants in each game is from 2 to 4. In the North, this form of entertainment is called phom, in the South it is called playing/gambling. Each game of phom uses a standard Western deck of 52 cards. When participating, you will be dealt 9 cards of your own, and the person holding the chapter will be dealt 10 cards. 

What is Ha Phom? That is, the task of each participant in the game is to take down the opponent’s cards and pick them from the pile to form a phom set. In addition, there will also be a release of worthless cards from one’s deck so that other participants cannot collect cards. The game will end when someone buzzes, if not, count the cards to decide win or loss. 

Terminology used in phom

  • A deck of 52 cards will be divided into suits and numbers. The suit part includes hearts, diamonds, spades, and hearts, while the number part is the remaining cards.
  • Po: A set of 2 cards combined with one half to create phom. Can be the same number or have the same value. With the same suit, it is possible to have gaps or consecutive numbers.
  • Phom: Have at least 3 cards of the same suit or number in a row.
  • Win: The condition for winning a card played by the player is that there must be an edge that matches that card in the hand.
  • Spin phom: Use 2 cards to win 1 piece.
  • Poke: Cards placed face down on the table for participants to pick.
  • Score: The total number of cards in hand.
  • Mom, fire: The card does not have a phom card.
  • Garbage: Individual cards, not allowed to play with any other cards.
  • Buzz: The player tries to have 3 phom cards in hand. 

Instructions on how to play Xom Phom in the most detail

What is Ha Phom? How to play this form of entertainment is quite simple. When starting a game, each participant will bet money and be dealt 9 cards. Counting the dealer alone, he gets 10 cards to play first. All remaining extra cards will be placed in a pile in the middle of the table. 

The game will be played clockwise, the first player will be the one holding 10 cards. You will play a junk card for the person next to you. That participant will have 2 options:

  • That person will receive that card if it forms a set in the deck.
  • Do not pick up and play another card from the venom.

Next, you will also play 1 trash card on the deck you have for the next person. The round will continue like that until someone announces a bust. Of course, that player wins the bet and gets a reward.
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What is Ha Phom? In case the game has gone through 4 rounds without anyone busting or there are 2 people with the same bust, everyone will have to lower their current phom and submit their cards. Then, add up the points of the cards you have to determine the winner or loser.

Pocket experience when playing phom for new players 

What are the tips to beat Phom? Although the way to play Phom is very easy, following the experts to win when playing is not easy. Therefore, before participating, you need to pocket the following experiences:

  • Remember the cards:

During the game, you need to focus on remembering your own cards and those of other players in each turn. From there, you can know how to play any trash cards that your opponent cannot take. Avoid situations where you win the prize and have to pay the village.

  • Avoid getting caught:

In the game, the last thing anyone wants is to get hit with a pin. So, before playing the fourth card, you need to use your memory, think and judge whether your opponent will win or not? Are all the cards out yet? Then if you feel safe, fight.

  • Self-destruction:

When participating, if you observe your cards, there is no chance of forming a phom set. You need to find an opportunity to break the bet, but before that you need to observe your opponent playing those numbers before breaking to avoid letting other players win. 

  • Lowest bet if there is no pin:

When the opponent’s probability of winning cards and creating phoms is low, you will have a higher chance of winning. 


Above is a summary of basic information about What is ha phom? and the most detailed gameplay. Hopefully it will help you gain more confidence and experience to be ready to participate in games and win. 

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