What is 1.5 handicap? Secret to conquering handicap ratio 1.5

Handicap 1.5 is being chosen by a large number of football bettors in recent times. With easy-to-understand reading and attractive winning probability, it’s easy to understand that this type of bet quickly conquers many bettors. Let’s decode the details of this easy-to-play, easy-to-win handicap ratio Liên Minh OKVIP sports section.

What is 1.5 handicap?

A handicap of 1.5 is one of the commonly found handicaps in the form of handicap. This number is given to cover the probability of winning the match in the difference between the two teams. With many interesting features, this is always the top choice of many bettors when participating in soccer betting.

What properties does the 1.5 handicap possess?

As a type of soccer betting chosen by many bettors, the 1.5 ratio in handicap betting possesses the following outstanding properties:

The chances of winning the match are different

In handicap betting, the higher the handicap, the greater the difference between the two teams. Therefore, the handicap of 1.5 goals also reflects the correlation between the level, class or squad of the two teams, which will be much different. This ratio may also come from the clearly opposing motivation of the two sides. These are always the matches chosen by many newbies when betting on the stronger team will be given priority.

Easy to understand reading

Many people also came Handicap 1.5 thanks to the extremely easy-to-understand reading of this form. Accordingly, if you choose the favorite team, you will win the bet if this team defeats the opponent with a difference of 2 goals or more. In case you bet on a lower rated team, you will make a profit if that team only loses a maximum of 1 goal, draws or wins.

With only one of the above two cases occurring, the 1.5 handicap is always chosen by many novice players. Because if compared with other handicaps such as 1.25 or 1.75, it can happen that you win or lose half the money, the handicap of 1.5 will definitely help newbies bet more easily.

Example of a 1.5 goal handicap

If you are still not sure how to read the 1.5 handicap, please refer to the detailed example below:

The match between Arsenal vs Porto in the Champions League has a handicap ratio of 1.5 and Arsenal is the favorite team. The odds when betting on each team are 1.02, 0.88 respectively. If there are 2 players, A chooses Arsenal and B chooses Porto with the same amount of $100, the following cases can happen:

  • Case 1: Arsenal wins against Porto with a difference of 2 goals or more (2 – 0, 3 – 0, 3 – 1,…), then A wins the bet and has a profit of 100$ x 1.02 = 102$, B loses 100$ .
  • Case 2: Arsenal wins by 1 goal, draws or loses, A loses $100, B wins the bet and earns $100 x 0.88 = $88 profit.

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Tips to conquer the 1.5 handicap in the Liên Minh OKVIP sports section

Although the 1.5 handicap handicap has a relatively simple way to play, to achieve maximum effectiveness, you may need some of the following tips:

Momentum betting

Grasping the dynamics of the two teams’ competition will help you make the most accurate decisions when playing Handicap 1.5 . If you want to choose the favorite team, you need to consider that team’s position on the rankings, the current score compared to the opponents as well as what the goal is in this match. From there, you will have a basis to predict whether this team wants to score more goals or not after having an advantage.

In case you choose the underdog team, you also need to consider the same factors. At this point, you will be more confident knowing whether this team is likely to lose the match or not if they lose first.

Bet based on Over – Under odds

Handicap bets and Over – Under or Over/Under bets are always closely linked together in the odds table. Thanks to this parameter, you can identify whether the underdog team’s scoring ability is high or low.

Specifically, if Handicap 1.5 While the highest over/under level is only 2.5, it proves that the bookmaker believes that the underdog team is unlikely to score in the match. In this case, you can bet on the upper team to get a higher win.

On the contrary, if the dealer offers over or under Handicap 1.5 higher, between 3 or more numbers, you should choose the lower team. The reason is that this Over – Under ratio shows that this team’s scoring ability is quite high and can still win the bet even if they lose 2 or more goals.


 Handicap 1.5 was introduced in detail through the above article by Liên Minh OKVIP. If you are interested in this form of betting, please equip the experience just shared to optimize your chances of winning Join Liên Minh OKVIP to be able to experience the highest odds offered by the house.

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