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 789BET – Online game portal with world-class rewards on the market. Currently serving millions of players and achieving great achievements. If you still don’t know anything about this game portal, let’s go 789BET Link Mới Immediately refer to the information below.

Information about the game portal 789BET

789BET is a game portal that releases many games and is as famous as other major game portals. Here players can play and participate card game with rewards, with many different game formats.

Launched in 2019, 789BET Converging many highlights from other game portals and bookmakers and bringing many interesting experiences to players when participating. In Vietnam 789BET is currently a popular online  card game portal.

Especially at GameVip, it only focuses on card games, not many forms of sports betting or lottery like other integrated game portals. Therefore, it ensures that players can concentrate more when playing.

But 789BET always ensure full services and features for players when participating in live experiences. That’s why such a young game portal has become the destination of many game enthusiasts.

Top games worth playing at 789BET

GameVip brings together many  card games with diverse forms and different betting styles so it will not cause boredom for players.

Southern  card game Tien Len

An entertainment game very familiar to Vietnamese people, the game portal offers Southern  card game Tien Len closer to the player. The game rules are updated according to the most popular rules, ensuring everyone knows them.

Moreover, the rules of the game are quite simple, just play a few times for players to understand the rhythm of the game. Players with a lot of experience will quickly win many great rewards. Currently, the game is included with attractive rewards. Ensuring fair odds, each player has a chance to receive rewards.


Another extremely popular betting entertainment game at 789BET. The rules of the game are also extremely simple, the chance of winning bets is also high, popular and attracts many participants. The game is invested with modern, luxurious graphics. Brings players the feeling of professional gaming, like being lost in a world-class casino.


Poker Previously a game for aristocrats, it later became widely available in casinos. But not everyone has the opportunity and time to travel to big casinos. Now with 789BET then players can freely participate without having to worry about anything.

Poker game at 789BET is changed to better suit tastes, players quickly get used to the game’s operations. Come now 789BET to experience once, place big bets when playing poker, high winnings, guaranteed big winning rate.


Join play roulette in 789BET Players can experience each betting table with a large number of participants. Guaranteed attractive, safe game play without cheating. Bet results are always guaranteed to be fair to players.

Each turn, the player deposits money to pay the bet. When you win, you will receive a bonus to your game account and the player can withdraw money. 789BET It also supports many incentive programs to help players gain large capital and increase their interest in playing games here.

In addition to these popular games, here 789BET Players also have the opportunity to experiment with many different  card games. Can say 789BET as a mobile casino, supporting players to join at any time.

789BET It also supports mobile applications for people to download to their phones. All they need is 4G and wifi connection to conveniently log in and play games. Many people do not have the opportunity to go to the casino or the time is too short, and if they do not play enough, they can still continue to play at the casino 789BET to participate.

Advantages of participating in online betting at 789BET

Many people who participate in betting always choose to participate in the safest place 789BET is the right choice. Experts have also evaluated the real values 789BET brought to the player.

Safety and security: Ensure personal information and information about players’ bets are safe, do not provide information to third parties. Ensure privacy and comfort for players.

Customer support: Dedicated customer care support staff, always providing information that customers request or when they encounter difficulties in operations.

Diverse  card games: Diverse to attract more players, building a large and healthy community. Furthermore, players can also get acquainted with new types of  card games, all of which are tested in advance to ensure players have the most wonderful moments.

Quick transaction:Support flexible payments and popular banking transactions, safely deposit money and get winnings with automatic support function.

Diverse promotions:Brings stable cash flow to customers when betting, has its own code when playing so players can participate longer.

Mobile  card game: Players can play anywhere, on the web or mobile version.

What is the jackpot game, how to play it, see right here: https:// 789BET.co/game-jackpot/

Instructions for participating in betting at 789BET

Instructions for players to download 789BET, register to create an account and deposit money safely.

Load 789BET Latest on phones

789BET Supports players on Android and iOS so anyone can participate. For players using devices running the iOS operating system, downloading the appropriate version to their device requires the following steps:

  • Access the Safari browser to go to the homepage 789BET
  • Select the download button to download the game to your computer and install.
  • Select install when prompted, wait for the data to download completely.
  • Open Settings and select General, click confirm and select 789BET.

So you have completed the download steps 789BET Back to your computer, you can start creating an account to bet.

As for downloading APK for Android operating system, do the following:

  • Select Settings, go to Application Management and check Unknown sources.
  • Access 789BET on the browser
  • Select Download to download data. Depending on the network connection, the download speed will be fast or slow.

And when downloading, whether on iOS or Android, everyone should pay attention to ensure a good connection. As for capacity, there is no need to worry because the application is quite light and runs smoothly.

Register an account 789BET

When registering an account 789BET Then visit the website or use the application downloaded to your device and follow the steps below.

Step 1:Select the Register section in the corner to start registering an account.

Step 2:Fill full the information.

Then a dialog box will display on the interface with many empty fields. Players only need to fill in all required information such as Account name, Password, Re-enter password, Confirmation code.

And pay attention to the following:

  • Account name: Minimum 6 characters, cannot contain special characters. It is recommended that players should choose an account name that is easy for them to remember, to avoid forgetting their password or account and taking a long time to retrieve it.
  • Password: Password contains all lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers and special characters and is at least 6 characters. When a password meets all of the above factors, its strength will be high, ensuring safety.
  • Enter the password: When entering, you must enter correctly to avoid confusion.
  • Security code: The security code is in the right frame. If you can’t see it clearly, you can click the reload button next to it to receive a new code.

After completing the information, check it again and click Register.

Step 3:Verify phone number

After the player has completed registration, the interface immediately changes so that the player chooses to log in with OTP. Just enter the phone number and select SMS OTP to receive the code. Re-enter the OTP code and activate security. Future withdrawal and deposit transactions will use OTP sent to this phone number for verification.

And this step is to complete account registration, next, players only need to deposit money to start betting.

Recharge 789BET

Deposit time at 789BET Transactions are supported in just a few minutes. To top up money, people can top up via ATM  cards of banks or agents 789BET. Or you can top up via e-wallets such as Momo and Viettel Pay, which are all supported.

Just click deposit, and choose the most suitable deposit method. Select your bank, agent, or e-wallet name to start depositing. When entering the  card code or scratch  card serial number, you should pay attention to check it to avoid information errors.

Everyone can update information about recharge promotions to enjoy endless incentives at 789BET Please. Usually promotions come out daily, weekly, monthly, and holidays also have great deals.

Redeem rewards 789BET

789BET Support players to freely withdraw bonus money, similar to when depositing money, everyone can choose the withdrawal method that suits them. Steps to redeem rewards:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account
  • Step 2: Select the reward item
  • Step 3: Choose the most convenient form for the player
  • Step 5: Enter information and confirm transaction to complete.

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Instructions for changing DNS to run the app 789BET

Many players have difficulty connecting the game to the system, then the player needs to change the phone’s DNS. Regarding how to change, there are 2 ways, everyone can refer to it to do it.

Method 1: Change DNS using software

Visit Google Play to download application Faster & Safer Internet. For players using iOS, download Faster Internet on the App Store. Then proceed with the installation as usual and perform the steps below to change DNS.

  • First, launch the application after it has been successfully installed.
  • The interface switches to the main interface and selects to activate the application. Also confirm the DNS access request from the alert.
  • Change DNS automatically, when the change is complete, everyone will receive a notification that they are connected.

Then everyone can use it 789BET, access and betting. After use, open DNS to disconnect and return the device to the old DNS address.

Method 2: Change DNS manually

First, with Android, everyone should pay attention to the following steps:

Go to settings > Connection > Long press the Wifi access point name > Manage network settings > Switch HDCP to Static > Scroll down to enter DNS1 and DNS2 numbers as you like.

When changing DNS on iOS, it is as follows:

Access Wifi connection > Settings > Click on the letter i next to the Wifi name > Scroll down to insert, and exit.

Above is the information we share with everyone 789BET, hope everyone has fun betting moments here. In addition, the 789BET Also updated with many other useful information about betting entertainment, don’t forget to follow us at  789BET

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