What does Four of a Kind Get According to the Southern Tien Len Card Rule?

What can the four quarters cut? when joining Tien Len Mien Nam? During entertainment at the house Nhà Cái New88 With Tien Len, you not only need to grasp the rules of the game but also clearly understand the rules of playing Four Quarters. To bring overwhelming victory and have an advantage when playing, please refer to the above article immediately New88.

Learn the concept of the Four Quarters lesson in Tien Len Mien Nam

Before you learn What can the four quarters cut? You must master the concept of the Four Noble Truths. In essence, this concept refers to 4 cards with the same value out of a total of 52 Western cards. Four of a kind appears in many other forms of cards such as Sam Loc, Northern Tien Len,… and the most common is Southern Tien Len.

The Four Quarters have a very high value in the song Tien Len Mien Nam. They can block many different pieces and create conditions for players to make the desired moves.

According to regulations, the value of the Four Quarters is expressed from small to large as follows: Four Quarters 3, Four Quarters 4, Four Quarters 5, Four Quarters 6, Four Quarters 7, Four Quarters 8, Four Quarters 9, Four Quarters 10 , Four of a Kind J, Four of a Kind Q, Four of a Kind K and the biggest is Four of a Kind A. In the Four of a Kind set, 2 are not counted because by owning these 4 cards, the player wins blank.

What can you get if you play Tien Len Mien Nam?

What can the four quarters cut? According to information from the house New88 Four of a kind means you can cut the following cards:

Chop beautiful pigs and pig pairs

The appearance of a pig or pair of pigs makes players confident about their chances of winning. However, players need to be cautious about the Four Quarters being overwhelming What can the four quarters cut? According to the rules of Tien Len Mien Nam, the Four Quarters have the ability to chop pigs.

In the case of Four Quarters and Three pairs of pine trees, any pair of pigs will be cut. Even if you own 2 sets of Four Quarters, you can cut the pig in half. Besides, players should also know that with a set of four, they will not be able to cut the pig in half. Understanding this rule, you will have the most accurate way to write cards.

Chopping pigs when there are four of a kind in card playing has different rules. With the song Tien Len Mien Mien, the Four Quarters cannot cut a pig in half. Meanwhile, in both types of cards, Four of a kind cannot cut down 3 pig trees.

The four nobles overwhelm the three pairs of information

Three pairs of pine is a card that helps players have the right to go first. Even owning Three Pairs of Pine is very rare, so it can create new moves for players. However, don’t be too confident when owning these cards.

According to the rules of Tien Len Mien Nam card game, Four of a kind can cut three pairs of pines. These cards do not need to be compared in value to each other. That means any three pairs of connections can be cut by the Four Quarters. Therefore, when using these cards, you should be careful not to get hit back.

What can the four quarters cut? Can you cut off the Four Quarters?

What can the four quarters cut? besides pig, pair of pig and Three pair of pine? In the card Tien Len Mien Nam, possessing a larger Four of a Kind can cut a smaller Four of a Kind. For example, you propose a set of Four Quarters 5 to chop pigs. You can then also be hit back by any Four of a kind with greater value. Therefore, when using the Four Quarters, come up with a specific plan to solve the problem of being cut if you do not want to be beaten back miserably.

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Tips to avoid Four of a Kind when playing Tien Len Mien Nam

As soon as I found out What can the four quarters cut?, he can quickly come up with tricks to avoid the Four Noble Truths. According to experts of New88 Then everyone should know that:

  • Four quarters are often used to chop pigs, especially red pigs like Ro and Co leaves. Therefore, if you own the Four of a Kind, you should not play these cards first to ensure you can cut the Four of a Kind to catch a pig.
  • The rate of occurrence of Four of a Kind is higher than Four of a Kind or Four of a Kind and Three of a Kind pairs. Therefore, you should play pairs of pigs together to reduce the odds of being cut by the Four Quarters.
  • People often keep the Four Quarters to chop pigs. However, with veteran players, they can force the opponent to tear the Four Quarters to go solo. Players can choose to play doubles in large numbers to force the other member to follow. Playing aggressively and increasing the value of cards is an effective way of playing that many players still regularly apply.
  • If you have Four Quarters or Three Doubles, lure your opponent out. You can chop your opponent’s pigs and check to see if they have Four of a Kind or not. If not, hit the pig to overwhelm the opponent and get a new move for yourself.


What can the four quarters cut? Normally in Tien Len Mien Nam card, Four of a kind can cut a pig/pair of pigs, Three pairs of pine and Four of a kind have a smaller value. However, with the rules of Tien Len Mien Bac, the regulations will be different. Therefore, card players need to master the rules of playing Four of a Kind New88 to take the correct steps to get the desired results.

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