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The Operation Of A Rotary Potentiometer

Customers may discover how a rotary potentiometer works in this post, along with the finest manufacturers to buy them from.

A Rotary Potentiometer: What Is It?

Electronic components known as rotary potentiometers typically have three terminals, two fixed contacts, and one sliding contact. Rotating the sliding contact changes the resistance value.

Common carbon film or ceramic metal film potentiometers may move or rotate to produce various resistances at the output and input ends when they come into contact with the printed film via copper foil or copper sheet. Wire-wound potentiometers are utilized for potentiometers that need more power.

The Function of a Rotary Potentiometer

By adjusting the sliding contact’s location via a constant resistance, rotary potentiometers function. The output voltage of a potentiometer is the difference in voltage between the fixed and sliding contacts. The full input voltage is applied throughout the entire length of the resistor in a potentiometer. At the resistor’s end are attached the two terminals of the input source for the rotary potentiometer. The sliding contact is moved along the resistor on the output side to change the output voltage.

Rotary potentiometer benefits

  1. present management
  2. Voltage distribution;
  3. Renewed resistance


One of the most crucial electronic components, the rotary potentiometer is primarily utilized to obtain a variable power supply voltage for several electronic circuits and circuits. Finding a trustworthy source is thus essential. One of the industry’s fastest-growing online distributors of semiconductors and electrical components is GFOOKIC. Customers may simply locate the electrical components they want from our wide range of products, which cover every vertical market in full and comprise millions of complete sophisticated components. Customers may also use GFOOKIC’s production and supply chain management services to complete their tasks swiftly and effectively. GFOOKIC is a fantastic option for clients that need a rotary potentiometer as a result.

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