Super Accurate Way to Predict Dragon and Tiger for Beginners

How to predict dragon and tiger are evaluation and analysis methods that help players predict accurate results. However, currently not all bettors have effective reward hunting strategies. Therefore, in the content below Trang chủ New88 will bring you the most accurate bridge catching techniques.

Some details about the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game is called Dragon Tiger in English. The game is gaining strong popularity and appearing in many trustworthy online casinos. The game is favored by many bettors because of its extremely simple rules and scoring method. In particular, Dragon Tiger’s redemption rate is very large, giving many players the opportunity to get rich.

In the game Dragon Tiger there will be 3 options for you when investing: Dragon, Tiger or Tie. Among them, the Tie hand has the highest reward rate but the probability of winning this hand is not high. To determine the winner or loser in the bet, the Dealer will compare the scores of the two Dragon or Tiger bets. The side with the higher score will win. If equal, the person who bets on a Draw will win a prize.

Rules to understand when predicting Dragon Tiger

During the process of performing Dragon Tiger prediction, players need to understand the immutable rules to avoid confusion. The website will use 6 to 8 decks of cards mixed evenly and divided into 2 parts. Therefore, there have been countless cases where the cards of two doors are the same.

When starting the betting game, the Dealer deals cards to two doors, Dragon and Tiger. Players must make bets according to system regulations with a certain amount of money. Then, the Dealer will turn the cards face up to determine which hand wins. To calculate the points for these two doors, you need to clearly remember the following conversion principles:

  • In the Dragon and Tiger prediction method, card A counts as 1 point.
  • Cards from 2-10 are counted according to the number printed on the card.
  • The J-Q-K cards are scored as 11-12-13 respectively.

In addition to calculating points, players also need to clearly understand the winning rate of each door. In particular, the Dragon and Tiger gates have a reward ratio of 1:1, and the Draw ratio is 1:8.

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How to predict Dragon and Tiger numbers like a master

Players who capture Dragon and Tiger bridges need to follow the rules of their appearance. Below are the techniques art that you should apply to close the most accurate bet:

 How to predict Dragon Tiger in 1-1 format

One of the methods of catching the Dragon Tiger bridge used by many players is based on the 1-1 rule. In How to predict Dragon Tiger  If you spot a result of 1 Dragon to 1 Tiger and explode frequently along such a long string it means a 1-1 bridge. This bridge can run up to 10 games before stopping. Therefore, after 4 games and you see them appear according to this sign, follow them for about 8 turns and then stop.

Catch the Dragon Tiger bridge

Besides the 1-1 bridge, the flat bridge is also an important sign when you play Dragon Tiger. For this form, they do not appear alternately but only come through one door. This means that the result is only Dragon or Tiger returning consecutively in many games. This bridge can last up to 20 turns, so when you see about 6 flops, hit hard in the 7th-10th game. Then keep steady from 11-13 and gradually decrease until about turn 16 then stop.

Look at the tilted bridge

In the game Dragon Tiger, there are two main cards: Red Dragon and Black Dragon. The explosion rates of these two doors are completely different, not 50-50. During observation, if you see that one side of the Dragon or Tiger is gaining an advantage, follow that side. When using this prediction method, combine it with the double betting strategy to increase your chances of winning.

Prediction in a 2-2 style

It is similar to the way of alternating appearances like the 1-1 bridge, but the 2-2 question will return in the form of 2 turns of Dragon to 2 turns of Tiger. As for the 2-2 bridge chain, they will not last long, so when you see it, take the opportunity immediately. To be safest, players should only play 1-2 games before stopping.

Break the bridge

 How to predict Dragon Tiger To bring high efficiency, you should break the bridge at the appropriate time. You should apply this method when you detect that a bridge wire is too long or has a very low probability of continuing. At this point, break the bridge immediately to get high rewards. Although it is quite risky, when it is effective, you will enjoy the fun with super profits.

Information aboveNEW88 shared these How to predict Dragon Tiger with a high level of accuracy. Players can apply all of these methods flexibly to win bets. Please keep a stable mentality during the implementation process to avoid confusion.

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