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myACT’s AP1001 : Opens Up a Larger Portable Solar Power Station Market

myACT, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of portable power solutions and renewable energy, is at the forefront of independent research and development. Focusing on the field of portable solar power station, the company has accumulated rich experience and become a high-quality integrated solution and service provider. One of myACT’s flagship products is the AP1001 Small Portable Power Station, a cutting-edge technology designed to meet the energy needs of outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals seeking reliable power on the go.

Substantial Power Output

The AP1001 packs a powerful punch with a rated power of 1000W and an impressive energy capacity of 1038Wh. This substantial power output ensures that users can rely on this portable power station to charge a wide range of devices and power small appliances while enjoying outdoor activities or facing power outages.

Built-in LED Lighting

One standout feature of the AP1001 is its built-in LED lighting. This integrated lighting system provides a convenient and reliable light source for various outdoor settings. Whether users are camping, hiking, or in need of emergency lighting, the AP1001’s built-in LED lights offer illumination and peace of mind.

Multiple Output Ports

The versatility of the AP1001 is further enhanced by its multiple output ports. The power station is equipped with two ports of type-C output, which are compatible with modern devices that utilize this charging standard. Additionally, it features two ports of USB output, allowing for the charging of conventional USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more.

Reassuring Manufacturing Capabilities

The integration of 3D microscopes in the R&D laboratory offers enhanced precision and accuracy in the inspection of components and assemblies. These microscopes enable detailed examinations of intricate designs and fine structures, facilitating thorough quality control and ensuring the integrity of the portable energy storage solutions.


With the AP1001 Small Portable Power Station, myACT showcases its commitment to delivering innovative and practical solutions for portable solar power station. The integration of high-end manufacturing methods and a focus on technological advancements has allowed myACT to develop a product that combines power, versatility, and portability.

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