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Bookmaker New88 Instructions for Entering the Latest Rebellion Code

Collect chaos turns into war The more you have, the more players will get countless rare items. From there, it helps gamers improve their squad strength quickly without having to make a deposit. For those who are “vegetarians”, these gift codes are a resource not to be missed. So today, follow New88 today to receive and learn how to use the gift code right away!

Introducing the game Loan Thanh Chien

Castle Clash or Castle Clash is one of the leading battle strategy games on the mobile entertainment market today, developed by the staff of NPH IGG. After only a short period of operation, this game quickly occupied the top 10 mobile strategy games on Google Play and other ranking sites globally.

When participating in the world of Castle Clash, you will have to become a talented administrator with the ability to arrange battles and properly allocate troops to both exploit resources and fight invaders. It is the tactical elements and real-time play that create the extremely special appeal of this game.

The game format is full of elements of skill, strategic combat and sharp thinking

Dominance when possessing Gift Code Chaos Thanh Chien

For new players, hunting for battle codes is an extremely important activity because it directly affects your strength. And these are the advantages you get if you use gift codes.

  1. Rewarded with many useful artifacts:
  • Resources: Gold, Food, Energy Stone, Wood,…
  • Champion: New champion or champion fragment to upgrade the champion.
  • Equipment: Items that help the main champion whose level you want to increase.
  • Rare items: Summoning tickets, Treasure chests,…
  1. Enhance strength: Thanks to gifts from Gift code, you can level up your squad and increase the strength of your generals. Facilitate the combat activities gamers want such as sieges and raids more easily.
  2. Save time and money: Code chaos citadel helps you receive valuable items without having to spend too much effort to grind or recharge the game.
  3. Increase gaming experience: Receiving free rewards from codes will help gamers have more motivation to play games more.

Gift codes bring many advantages to Castle Clash gamers

How to enter gift code

Almost all online game genres today have the same mechanism for entering gift codes, and Castle Clash is the same. To receive the chaos code, please do the following:

  • Step 1: Enter the game as usual every day.
  • Step 2: At the game interface, notice that there will be an arrow button in the right corner, select it.
  • Step 3: When the Menu list appears, the player continues to click “install”
  • Step 4: Select the card code to be converted.
  • Step 5: Enter all correct codes, then press the “send” button.
  • Step 6: Click on the mailbox to receive the newly donated “resources”.

Note when entering Gift code:

  • Each Castle Clash code is only valid the first time you enter it with 1 account.
  • Gift codes from chaos to war have a certain expiry date, please enter them as soon as possible.
  • You should enter the Giftcode on the official Castle Clash game website to avoid being scammed.

Make sure to follow the correct process of entering the code

The system is a complete set of game codes for chaos and war
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These are the gift codes recently collected by New88, ensuring you can receive a 100% bonus. New88 unit will try harder to hunt for newer battle codes as soon as possible!

  • CODE 1: B9295RGJ
  • CODE 4: B7ZXXPA2
  • CODE 5: KXTP9X2T
  • CODE 6: NK57PAQG
  • CODE 7: 692CQKNew88
  • CODE 8: JDXX54UJ
  • CODE 9: 8R9CPT4C
  • CODE 10: 9D32MVGJ
  • CODE 11: SA58NJ

Some sources to search for Giftcode Loan Thanh Chien

If you want more quality battle codes, you can do the hunting process through the following information channels. Just actively interact, follow and do the work, you can absolutely earn good codes from here:

  • Official website of the game
  • Twitter
  • Trang Fanpage Facebook
  • Group Facebook
  • Youtube channels, game streamers,…

Through this article, New88 has provided gamers with a gift system chaos turns into war super good. However, as mentioned, after copying the code, everyone should quickly enter it to receive the gift because sometimes after a while they will lose their validity. As a final word, our representative would like to wish you the most comfortable moments of entertainment.

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