Forest City: A Beacon of Sustainability and Progress

Forest City recognizes the vital role that sustainable tourism plays in nurturing local communities and safeguarding the environment. With a firm dedication to sustainable practices, Forest City strives to minimize its ecological footprint and lead the way in responsible development. It sets a precedent for eco-friendly urban planning and promotes a harmonious coexistence between nature and modern living.

Why sustainable tourism development is important

  1. Environmental Conservation: Sustainable tourism development aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. By adopting sustainable practices such as promoting local biodiversity, reducing waste and pollution, conserving water and energy, and protecting wildlife habitats, tourism can coexist with the environment without degrading it. This ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit from the natural beauty and resources of a destination.
  2. Cultural Preservation: Sustainable tourism emphasizes the preservation of local cultures, traditions, and heritage. It encourages tourists to respect and engage with the local community, supporting their cultural practices and economies. By valuing and preserving cultural diversity, sustainable tourism helps to maintain the authenticity of a destination and prevent the homogenization of cultures.

Introducing Forest City’s hotels:

Introduction to Forest City Hotel

The Forest City Marina Hotel is a sprawling establishment encompassing over 830,000 square feet of luxury. With 283 opulent rooms and 132 serviced apartments, guests are treated to a comfortable and lavish stay. The hotel features a range of amenities including a Lobby Bar, Dining Hall, Yacht Clubhouse, Convention Center, Fitness Center, and various stores. Culinary options abound, with a choice of local, international, or Western-Mediterranean fusion cuisine available at the Skybar, the rooftop bar. For a unique outdoor experience, guests can relax on the beach where nightly performances await at the Beach Bar.

Inaddition to the Marina Hotel, Forest City boosts another exellent hotel. Nestled in the heart of three magnificent 18-hole golf courses, the Forest City Golf Hotel is a grand establishment catering to both golf enthusiasts and leisure travelers. The hotel offers 305 elegant rooms with various room types to suit different preferences. It also provides flexible MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) packages to cater to all event needs. The Tee-Off Restaurant offers gourmet fare combined with impeccable service, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for guests. Additionally, the hotel offers a wide selection of recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, spa, fitness room, and golf clubhouse, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities.


Both the Forest City Marina Hotel and Forest City Golf Hotel exemplify the commitment to luxury, comfort, and world-class amenities that make Forest City a premier destination for discerning travelers. Whether guests seek waterfront indulgence or a golf-focused retreat, these hotels provide unparalleled experiences for a memorable stay in Forest City.

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