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Enhance Your Power Systems with DIN Electronics’s DC Link Capacitors and Resonance Capacitors

DIN Electronics, a renowned brand in the field of electronic components, offers a range of high-quality capacitors designed to elevate power system performance. With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, DIN Electronics has established itself as a trusted manufacturer in the industry. This article will introduce you to the outstanding points of DC link capacitors and resonance capacitors.

Unleashing the Potential of DC Link Capacitors

DC link capacitors play a critical role in various applications, including SVG, speed inverters (drives and traction), wind power converters, and photovoltaic power inverters. DIN Electronics presents the C41 DC-Link Capacitors, featuring polypropylene film construction. These capacitors have a wide temperature range of -40~70℃, making them suitable for demanding environments. With voltage options ranging from 2000V.DC to 6000V.DC and capacitance range from 800µF to 20000µF, the C41 series ensures reliable energy storage and transfer in power systems.

Experience Efficient Resonant Circuits with C82 Resonance Capacitors

C82 resonance capacitors by DIN Electronics are designed to excel in resonant circuits, providing effective absorption and protection against peak voltage and peak current. Encased in a compact plastic box, these high-voltage film capacitors are equipped with tinned copper wire for easy installation. The C82 polypropylene capacitors feature high voltage and heavy current resistance, ensuring a long product lifetime. Operating within a temperature range of -40~105℃, with voltage options from 700V.DC to 3000V.DC, and capacitance range from 0.1µF to 8.0µF, the C82 series enables optimal performance in parallel and series resonant circuits.


DIN Electronics’s DC Link Capacitors and Resonance Capacitors offer reliable and efficient solutions for power systems. The C41 DC-Link Capacitors provide high voltage capacity, wide temperature range, and a range of options to suit various applications. Similarly, the C82 Resonance Capacitors deliver high-voltage performance, compact size, and the ability to absorb and protect against peak voltage and current. Trust DIN Electronics for superior capacitors and work with them from now on.

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