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Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking with the BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven Box Kit

Experience culinary delight like never before with the BakerStone Original Series Portable Gas Grill Pizza Oven Kit. Crafted to transform your outdoor cooking into a gastronomic adventure, this kit brings the sizzle and aroma of a wood-fired pizza oven to your backyard or outdoor escapades.

Unmatched Versatility: Elevate Your Outdoor Culinary Creations

Unleash your inner chef with the BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven Box Kit:

Broad Culinary Spectrum: From perfectly baked pizzas in 4 minutes to artisanal bread and cookies, as well as succulent roasted meats, fish, and vegetables, this kit caters to your every culinary desire.

Innovative Heat Dynamics: The patented 5-sided stone baking chamber employs convective, conductive, and radiant heat transfer for consistent and rapid cooking, ensuring flavors are locked in and textures are perfected.

Precise High Heat: With temperatures reaching up to 900ºF, achieve professional-level cooking results with precision and speed.

Seamless Outdoor Culinary Adventure: Unleash the Possibilities

The BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven Box Kit is your ticket to elevated outdoor cooking:

Comprehensive Kit: Complete with a 2-burner firebox, hose, regulator, Wood Pizza Peel, and Turner/Spatula, this kit equips you with the essentials for a seamless cooking experience.

On-the-Go Excellence: Whether in your backyard or on a camping trip, this portable kit redefines outdoor cooking, making every meal an unforgettable event.


Elevate your outdoor cooking with the BakerStone Original Series Portable Gas Pizza Oven Box Kit. Elevate your meals, elevate your gatherings, and elevate your culinary expertise with a tool designed to unleash your full cooking potential. Let the delectable scents and flavors of wood-fired cooking transform your outdoor space into a gourmet kitchen, and make every dish a masterpiece.

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