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Unlock Opportunities for Career Success in the US with OSG’s Career Consulting Services


In today’s competitive work market, career success is difficult. However, with a trusted career advice firm like OSG, you can negotiate the US employment market and accomplish outstanding achievements. OSG is a leading firm in career consulting in US that helps students succeed in their jobs. Learn how OSG can help you choose a career and land your dream job.

A Comprehensive Service Process Tailored to Your Needs

OSG recognizes that each student has distinct goals and obstacles. Their service process provides tailored coaching and support to students at different career levels. OSG begins with a thorough assessment of your strengths and limitations. This examination lets them tailor packages to your needs. OSG helps students with a solid foundation choose professional goals, make effective curricular plans, and explore varied job options. Their skilled advisors match talents and interests with careers.

Professional Mentors and Extensive Resources for Success

OSG is proud of its mentors’ top financial and consulting experience. Their expertise, industry knowledge, and extensive resources help you succeed. Their mentors teach you how to write effective resumes and cover letters. They teach networking methods to break cultural barriers, including cold emails and mock coffee talks. OSG helps you use university resources to shine. They help you apply to famous clubs and organizations to expand your background. Interview skills can be improved with OSG’s individualized lessons. Their mentors teach behavioral and technical skills through mock interviews, stock pitches, market news, M&A deals, and case studies.


OSG’s proven track record, personalized service process, and industry specialists can open doors to US career prospects. Their nearly 100% employment rate and average first-year income of over 1.2 million RMB show their dedication to your achievement.Trust OSG to help you get full-time jobs or advance your career. Select OSG as your career consulting partner and start your success in the US.

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