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Elevate Your Home’s Energy Landscape with Sungrow’s Residential Energy Storage System

In the quest for energy independence and efficiency, Sungrow stands as a beacon, offering an array of solar battery storage solutions tailored for homes. Say goodbye to energy uncertainty and welcome a new era of control over your power consumption with Sungrow’s innovative home solar battery storage system.

Empowering Your Home with Sungrow’s Expertise

At Sungrow, we recognize the importance of energy self-sufficiency. Our home solar battery storage solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, providing a reliable source of power when you need it the most. Explore the possibilities of maximizing your solar power utilization and embracing a future of clean, efficient energy.

Residential Storage System Solutions for Every Need

Sungrow caters to the diverse needs of homeowners with both single-phase and three-phase residential storage system solutions. Whether you’re looking to power a cozy apartment or a spacious family home, Sungrow has the perfect solution to match your energy requirements.

Explore the Benefits of Sungrow’s Solutions

Watch our Residential Storage System Solution Video to witness how Sungrow transforms the way you experience and utilize energy in your home. Discover the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency that come with our solutions, empowering you to reduce costs and gain increased energy independence.

iSolarCloud: Managing Your Power with Precision

Among our recommended products is iSolarCloud, a centralized PV plant management system. Benefit from low operation and maintenance costs, a straightforward network infrastructure, and rapid platform deployment. With hierarchical access management, take charge of your energy assets effortlessly.

SBR064/096/128/160/192/224/256: Unleash the Power of Efficiency

One standout product in our lineup is the SBR064/096/128/160/192/224/256, offering up to 100% usable energy. Experience peace of mind with its multi-stage protection design and extensive safety certification. The flexibility of an extendable lifetime and the simplicity of a compact and lightweight design ensure a hassle-free, single-person installation.


Sungrow is more than a provider of residential energy storage solutions; they are architects of a sustainable, empowered future. Join them on the journey, reduce your environmental footprint, and take control of your energy destiny. Read more about their residential storage system solutions and usher in a new era of energy independence

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