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Enhance Your Night Hunting with the HIKMICRO A50T-S Clip-on Night Vision Scope

HIKMICRO presents the A50T-S, a remarkable clip-on night vision scope designed for enhanced hunting experiences in both field and forest areas. With its exceptional features, including a 50mm F1.2 lens, suitable magnification, and high image quality, the A50T-S delivers superior performance in low-light conditions. Equipped with an IR Torch, hunters can utilize their own infrared illuminators for optimal night vision capabilities. The A50T-S is the perfect companion for those seeking precision, convenience, and versatility in their night hunting endeavors.

Precise and Simple Zeroing

The A50T-S offers hunters the advantage of precise and simple zeroing. With the ability to zero using multiple and continuous digital “Zoom” and “Freeze” functions, shooting accuracy is significantly improved. Additionally, the A50T-S displays the actual magnification, allowing hunters to make accurate adjustments according to their target distance. This level of precision ensures that every shot counts, maximizing the chances of a successful hunt.

Multiple Reticle Profiles

Hunters can enjoy the convenience of multiple reticle profiles with the A50T-S. These profiles can be easily configured and saved, providing quick access to preferred reticle settings. With 5 reticle groups, 10 reticle types, and 8 color options, hunters have the flexibility to choose the reticle that best suits their hunting environment and personal preferences. The A50T-S empowers hunters with customizable reticle options for improved target acquisition and precision.

Unleash the Power of Your Own IR Torch

The A50T-S allows hunters to harness the power of their own IR Torch for night hunting. By utilizing their preferred infrared illuminator, hunters can enhance the night vision capabilities of the A50T-S even further. This flexibility ensures that hunters can customize their setup according to their specific needs and preferences, maximizing their visibility and effectiveness in low-light conditions. The A50T-S empowers hunters to adapt and optimize their night hunting experience.


The HIKMICRO A50T-S clip-on night vision scope is a game-changer for hunters seeking to elevate their night hunting capabilities. With its exceptional 50mm F1.2 lens, suitable magnification, and high image quality, the A50T-S delivers superior performance in field and forest areas. The precise and simple zeroing feature enhances shooting accuracy, while the multiple reticle profiles provide convenience and customization. Furthermore, by allowing hunters to utilize their own IR Torch, the A50T-S offers flexibility and adaptability in low-light conditions. Experience the power of the HIKMICRO A50T-S clip-on night vision scope and unlock new possibilities in your night hunting adventures.

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