Better Understand Microsoft Viva Topics for your Business

The Microsoft Viva suite was launched in 2021 and was made to be a game-changing tool for a business’s HR department. The suite includes multiple tools to help with different things. From everything from insights and employee communication to learning and knowledge, the Viva suite consists of Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Insights, Viva Goals, Viva Sales, Viva Learning and Viva Topics.

Microsoft Viva Topics plays an important role in the Microsoft Viva suite. It helps create a space where information can be collected, compiled and shared within a business. But one of the defining features that Viva Topics relies on is artificial intelligence. With AI, Viva Topics automatically searches, identifies and compiles the topics and information about the business itself.

In the last few years, AI has had a major boom in popularity and whether we like it or not it’s changing the way businesses get work done. Some might be hesitant to use anything to do with AI but after speaking to trusted professionals who provide IT Support Services in London it’s clear that businesses no matter the size need to start accepting and integrating it more into the system.

The reality is that AI is giving tools and resources for businesses to remain relevant and competitive. It isn’t replacing jobs but making existing jobs easier and more efficient.

So what is Microsoft Viva Topics and how does it use AI? The Viva Topics platform is knowledge-based and designed to empower employees working remotely with quick and easy access to the business’s information.

In Viva Topics users will find organized companywide information and knowledge and present it to those who actually need it. The AI works by sourcing internal experts and a variety of resources to make the information easier to find. This information can be anything from short descriptions, who the people or teams are who are working on a topic or even documents that are related to the topic like files, sites and pages. All the information is curated and displayed in the form of topic cards and topic highlights that can be shown across any Microsoft 365 application.

As an IT Support Company, TechQuarters deals with many businesses that have a lot of employees and teams that work on multiple projects at the same time and a reoccurring issue is people struggling to find the right people to speak to about the information they are looking for which is why Viva Topics is so useful.

If you use Viva Topics you would be surprised at how seamlessly integrated it is into Microsoft’s products and services. Users can find topics and its relevant information in the Topic Center home page but it can also be found in products they are most likely already using like SharePoint and Office applications.

In SharePoint, pages and news topic keywords will be highlighted and by the user hovering over it a ‘topic card’ will pop up with a summary and other additional relevant information. Another way with SharePoint is by searching for the topics on the SharePoint start page or SharePoint page. All relevant topic results will then appear at the top of the page.

Microsoft 365 Consulting providers also highly suggest using Viva Topics with Office applications as well which many people forget about. In all of your Office applications an option to search is built in and available. With this users can search for the topic either through the search box at the top of the application or by selecting search in the context menu. From there, after a keyword is entered all topic results will be displayed in the search results.

Finding information within a business can’t be easier with Viva Topics and its AI powered capabilities. Think of it like a business’s own personal automated Wiki that has its own internal curators. All a business needs to get started is purchasing the license and then granting a select few employees permission to have the option to edit any pages or add details or resources if they need to. It’s the ultimate way to fill the knowledge gap and ensure all employees have the information they need despite working remotely.

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