Where To Set Up a Large Room Humidifier

The research is clear and breathing in clean air is one of the most important components of managing your wellbeing. One of the best ways to really look after ensuring your home has clean air that is beneficial to your health is by ensuring that you have a cool mist humidifier in your home. This is because humidifiers have been proven to significantly impact the humidity in your home, impacting the air quality and your overall health and wellbeing.

Not only can a humidifier help with your dry skin problems, but it can also enhance your quality of sleep too. Regardless of age, there are many health benefits to gain. When placed in a toddler’s room, it can help them sleep longer. When placed in the living room it can help your grandma breathe better. And then there are all those age demographics in between.

But when it comes to getting the right type of humidifier into your home, you need to consider various factors, including where exactly you set up your humidifier and the exact type of humidifier you have.

That is why we have set up all the helpful tips to consider when it comes to selecting the type of large room humidifier along with the exact location you place it.

Factors to Consider with a Humidifier

Before you decide on the location of a humidifier, you really need to decide what type of humidifier you need and how that will impact the various spaces in your house.

  1. The Type of Humidifier

The type of humidifiers that you can get really varies. Ultimately, you should be decided based on numerous factors, considering your exact health goals and who else lives in your household. If you are wanting a humidifier that produces warm mist to support those cold winter months and flu symptoms, then you will want to be mindful of putting your humidifier out of potentially dangerous situations.

Then, there are the cool mist humidifiers, which while preferred for those hot and dry months, can equally be beneficial for the winter months too. With less risk of danger from the cool mist, the restrictions for locations are not as complicated.

  1. The Size of the Humidifier

Then there is the actual size of the humidifier. The smaller humidifiers tend to work better in more confined spaces, as they will not have the extra power to evenly disperse the mist into larger spaces. The smaller ones tend to go great in kitchens or a child’s bedroom.

The bigger humidifiers are designed to really work in larger spaces, as they will have more power to get the mist to parts of the room that are further away. Potential locations can include the likes of a living room, master bedroom, or dining room.

  1. The Mechanics of Humidifiers

Of course, you will also want to understand how the actual mechanics of a humidifier works and the space it needs to be able to do its job. This means that you will not want to lean it up against a wall or under a table. Doing both will block part of the circulation and make it challenging to circulate the fresh air evenly. Ideally, you want to put it in a location that allows the mist to go throughout the entire room while equally not getting in the way of people in that room.

  1. The Size of the Room

Then there is also the size and layout of the room to consider. A good idea is to first measure the actual size of the room you want your humidifier to go into first before purchasing one. The measurements will help you determine what type of humidifier will best accompany the space.

The Best Locations

The place you put a humidifier will really come down to the ultimate goals you have for it. Here are the various locations you can put a humidifier.

  1. A Flat Space

Firstly, you do not want your humidifier to tip over. If this happens, you risk all that water spilling out onto the floor or over furniture. So make sure to find a flat and level area that your humidifier can stand sturdily on.

  1. As Decoration

A humidifier can really work with your room, going as far as to be a form of decoration too. But with that being said, make sure it is not in close proximity to any expensive pieces of artwork that mist could damage.

  1. In the Bedroom

One of the best places to put large room humidifiers is in your bedroom. This is because you spend a large portion of your day breathing in this room, so you want good air to breathe in. Plus, humidifiers can really help with snoring and allow you to get better quality sleep.


There are many locations to consider putting your large room humidifier. Where will you put yours?

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