What is European handicap? Secret to conquering European football odds

European odds are currently the most popular type of soccer betting at bookmakers. With simple gameplay and extremely high chances of winning, it is not difficult to understand why this type of bet was quickly accepted by many red and black enthusiasts. To better understand Asian football betting as well as know the secrets to conquering this type of bet, read the article below from New88.com.

What is European handicap?

European football odds or 1×2 odds are one of the most basic and popular forms of betting besides Asian odds and over/under odds. In this type of bet, players only need to correctly predict the final result of the match to win. By not using a handicap like the Asian handicap, the chance of winning with the European handicap is much higher, so it is chosen by a large number of players.

The biggest difference between European odds compared to other forms lies in the number of betting windows. With the 1×2 format, this type of bet will have 3 options: home team wins, away team wins and draw. If you bet correctly on 1 of these 3 doors, you will win.

Detailed instructions on how to play European handicap

To have the most accurate analysis and decisions when playing this type of bet, you need to know a few things:

How to recognize bets

European football odds often appear right after the names of the two teams and the odds for the teams will also lie on the same straight line. The top odds are the bet you will receive when betting on the home team, followed by the odds for the away team and the bottom is the coefficient when choosing a draw.

Specific examples

The match between team A and team B has European odds of 2.69, 3.15 and 2.90 respectively. With a bet of $100, if you choose team A and win, you will receive a total of $269, if you choose team B it is $315 and the amount you receive if you win when choosing a draw is $290.

Tips for playing European odds that are easy to win

Although the gameplay is very simple, to conquer this form of betting, you need to be equipped with some of the following useful tips:

Capture information before the match

Before making a decision to bet, you need to learn details about the two teams preparing to compete. Information that certainly has a significant impact on the outcome of the match is recent form, force situation or competitive motivation…

Besides, you can also refer to some side data such as weather, yard or political situation to have more basis for your decision.

Combine with house odds

Information related to the match is often linked to the European odds offered by the bookmaker. Therefore, you need to take the time to bet right at the time the websites provide it. At this time, the ratios will be most accurate when there is not much impact from external factors.

You can also continue to monitor fluctuations, if any, to know which team the balance is leaning towards. If the odds for one of the two teams suddenly decrease before match time, this means that the bookmaker evaluates that team’s chances of winning higher and vice versa.

Calculate your money down

When playing European handicap, capital management also plays a very important role in winning. If you do not have much experience with this type of bet, you should divide your capital into several bets. This will both help you accumulate more playing tips and limit the risk of losing all your money too soon.
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After a while of getting used to the way of playing and knowing certain rules, you can boldly increase your bet amount to optimize your profits.

Not affected from outside

During the process of playing European odds, inexperienced bettors are often easily influenced by people around them or even the house. If you want to win with this type of bet, you need to maintain your mentality and stance in all cases. Follow the strategy you set from the beginning and persevere to get the results you deserve.

Participate in a reputable playground

In a rapidly growing betting market, the number of landlords offering European odds is not small. However, there are a large number of bookies set up to defraud players.

In the process of choosing a betting playground, you need to learn details about the reputation and quality of prominent names. Participating in betting at these bookmakers will help you ensure your rights and have peace of mind for entertainment.


European odds have been introduced in detail through the above article of New88. With extremely simple gameplay and high winning chances, this promises to be a top choice in the soccer betting industry in the near future.

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