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Unleash Your Creativity with Ledia Lighting’s Versatile LED Neon Tube Flex

Welcome to Ledia Lighting, where it is excited to introduce its outstanding flexible LED neon tube solutions, the LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-144-12*12mm Neon Flex. This flexible neon tube surpasses expectations within the silicone neon series, presenting distributors and agents with a versatile lighting option that can effortlessly meet the demands of their customers. Now, we will explore the exceptional features and benefits of Ledia Lighting’s IP68 LED lights, shedding light on its wide range of applications and showcasing its exceptional qualities.

Endless Possibilities for Illumination

The LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-144-12*12mm Neon Flex opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to lighting design. With its slim and soft light body, this flexible neon tube delivers a continuous, dot-free lighting effect that will captivate any space. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor border lighting, architectural outlines, coves, facades, signage, or guide lighting, this LED solution provides brilliant illumination and enhances the ambiance.

Cut and Joint Freely

One of the key advantages of the LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-144-12*12mm Neon Flex is its design, allowing for easy cutting and jointing. Distributors and agents can customize the length of the neon tube according to their customers’ specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for any installation. The flexibility and bendability of this LED product further enhance its versatility, enabling unique lighting designs that bring spaces to life.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

Ledia Lighting’s LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-144-12*12mm Neon Flex is built to last, offering distributors and agents peace of mind. With pure silicone extrusion and automated production processes, these LED neon tubes deliver reliable quality and performance. The neon flex is UV and flame resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, it carries an IP68 rating, ensuring protection against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for swimming pools, yachts, and other water-related environments.


Ledia Lighting’s LD-FR-SJS-DC24V-XXXX-144-12*12mm Neon Flex offers distributors and agents an exceptional LED lighting solution that combines versatility, durability, and stunning illumination. With its flexible design, easy customization, and wide range of options, this LED neon tube opens up a world of possibilities for creative lighting designs.

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