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Mornsun DIN Rail Power Supply: Application Scenario Features1

1)Meet industrial requirements.

Products must be explosion-proof for uses that may gather explosive gas, steam, dust, or fibers: IECEx certification system, no explosion-proof certification, not authorized in such situations;

Design and manufacture of the Mornsun high-end DIN rail power supply series follow the explosion-proof system:

Design to meet: From product design and material selection through the product life cycle, the IECEx certification system is involved. For special equipment, ceramic fuses, high-temperature relays, and explosion-proof safety distances are needed.

Manufacturing control: ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018: supplier brand, batch; production records may be tracked back, papers preserved for 10 years+; faulty product monitoring throughout testing;

2)Strong EMC interference

Even ordinary industries’ greater surge power level 4 (differential mode 2KV/common mode 4KV) and electrostatic level 4 (contact 6KV/air 8KV) cannot match certain industries’ EMC criteria.

Mornsun high-end guide rail M series fulfills industry-strong EMC interference conditions: surge immunity: 3KV/ 6KV differential/common mode, Class A heavy industrial norms; electrostatic immunity: touch ±8KV/air ±15KV, medical industry requirements; Additionally, this series is high-performing and efficient: 95.5%; 120% power reserve: 40 °C can carry 120% of the long-term work, solving the user’s design margin issue, safer and more dependable;

3)Use in severe environments

Altitude: When the altitude reaches 2000m, the standard mandates a factor doubles the safety distance; therefore, the product’s PCB layout must fulfill the standard’s criteria.

Operating temperature: Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the electrical device’s parameters will drift, leading it to malfunction, and the mechanical structure will be inflexible or jammed. Conventional goods (-30 to +70°C) cannot fulfill industrial standards.

Salt spray corrosion: Offshore or offshore application settings might induce settled circuit board short-circuits failure. Thus, product structural design and processing must include preventive measures.

Power grid fluctuation: If the power grid has equipment with substantial load changes, the voltage amplitude swings considerably, which may cause equipment to trip and catch fire.

Mornsun high-end guide rail M series undergoes severe environment testing and verification according to national standards to assure product durability and suitability for hard environments:

Meet double 85: 85 °C high temperature and 85% humidity cycle 1000 times for accurate verification under harsh circumstances;

48h salt spray: 48h salt spray test; may be utilized in severe conditions (seaside, desert);

-40 to +85°C, max load at 60°C;

Full input voltage range: 85–277VAC/120–390VDC, may be utilized for AC and DC, 450Vdc inbuilt big electrolytic capacitor, no concern of difficult grid environment;

5-year warranty: exceptionally long life, 40°C MTBF: 878K hours, 3-year for international manufacturers.

Craftsmanship, usability

Mornsun high-end guide rail M series has meticulously considered look and artistry, clever craftsmanship, and user-friendliness!

Rail power supply product selection skills

Mornsun rail power supply’s product architecture is customized for each industry’s working requirements and pain areas to give consumers the best and most reliable goods.

Mornsun offers standard and high-end rail power supply series for single-phase and three-phase input terminals. High-end rail T series (three-phase ABC type) satisfies the requirements of three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, and abroad three-phase power and export demands.

Considering cost, performance, and fit, popular and frequently used sectors like the light industry, the Internet of Things, and others should pick the typical rail power supplies.

High-end rail power supplies are suggested for industries that need explosion-proof system certification and high-reliability requirements.

The equipment’s heart is the power supply. The correct power supply reduces future maintenance costs and boosts equipment competitiveness and brand power. Therefore, selecting a solid product design for varied applications is crucial. Mornsun rail power supply offers a “worry-free alternative” to travel stably!

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