How to Prank a friend to get annoying text subscriptions for free

Pranking can be used to amuse yourself or others, without causing any lasting harm or serious injury. You can play it in a fun way, with jokes or other surprises. Pranks can be used to break the ice at social events or get people’s attention. We will be discussing the top sites that offer annoying text subscriptions for pranks.

We will show you how to fool your friend with anonymous text messages. Unwanted messages are a pain, it’s not. These pranks should work according to plan!

There are some risks involved in pranking someone. The most obvious is that the victim may be hurt. Sometimes, pranks backfire and cause embarrassment or anger for the victim.

These are just a few of the coolest sites that send you annoying text messages.

MessageBomber allows you to prank your friends on their mobile phones with MessageBomber

lets you send unlimited messages and create funny texts. You can pick from many templates, add your hilarious content and send it to your friends. They won’t believe what they get!

Here’s a list with all the most annoying text messages that you can send immediately as pranks:

You can prank your friends by sending fake Craigslist messages to them!

Send random pictures of cats to your target

You can send your friends funny text messages from God.

Lucifer sends his friends funny messages via text message.

Send endless photos of Corona Beer to your friend allows you to send anonymous text messages

will ‘blow up’ the phone of your friend, or any other person you wish to prank using a variety text and call options.

You can send multiple messages at once and add GIFs and emojis to your messages.

Blowupthephone is a simple, but hilarious system. You can choose how many messages you want to send and how fast they should be sent.

Try it Free of Charge
We are trusted by more than 120,800 companies in over 69 countries.

The app allows you to block unwanted calls and messages from pranksters. This makes it a great tool for people who want to avoid any potential pranks.

It is not available to mobile phone users outside the USA or Canada. It is therefore not available to people who live in other regions.

Watch your friend get a lot of funny messages. Have fun and have a good time!

Spoof Box to Prank Your Friends

The spoofbox app allows users send text messages using a variety of templates.

You can choose from many templates, some of which are humorous or not so funny. It is simple to use and allows users to send free text messages to any person in the United States or other countries.

You can select from a variety of spoofs, including SMS, Email Fax, Chat and WhatsApp.

The app is simple to use. All users need is a number and a friend number.

Spoofbox sends you notifications whenever new messages are received so that you can keep track of what’s going on.

If you don’t wish to receive messages or numbers, you can block them.

A virtual phone can be purchased by users, which can be used to send and receive sms as well as calls. This can be a great option for those who don’t have an international phone or want to use multiple phones.

These are also great for spoofing your friends and family. You’re making an international tour while you’re not! ! can bring a smile to the face of your friend

SendRandomFacts allows pranksters send a text prank. You can choose the type and message your recipient will receive.

You have the option to send them several annoying messages within a set time period or one message that is more irritating than others.

You can send facts on animals, public figures such as Donald Trump, parenting, and coffee.

SendRandomFacts does not come at no cost, but it is a small fee that allows you to make your service affordable.

Use to prank your friends

Forbes, Yahoo!, HuffPost and Independent have featured Ownage Pranks as a reliable prank tool.

This is one of today’s most loved pranks tools. It’s easy to create hilarious pranks with your friends and family using Ownage Pranks. You can send unlimited messages!

This website offers users a range of subscription services they can use to make fun of their friends all day.

There are so many ways to make your friends laugh, such as “butt your car”, rakesh hotdog complaint, and other pranks.

You can even prank your friends using Ownage. You can create pranks in a variety of categories and you can also use the mobile app on both iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

A good joke can make people smile. Pranks can bring a smile to someone’s face, whether it’s calling a friend pretending to be their boss or texting them with a message saying “I’m late at work, please pick-up my dry clean today.”

There are tons of funny and free apps that will make it easy to pull off a prank, whether you do it yourself or with the help of friends.

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