How to Build Successful Business Relationships

You are probably familiar with the expression, ‘People do business with people.’ Many professionals know how important it is to be able to deal appropriately with others where business and career development are concerned. Despite the amazing progress of technology, which enables machines to do almost anything you want, instantly, there is still something reassuring and supportive about personal contact and individual attention.

People who work in the fields of science, engineering and technology often have little time to build powerful and valuable business relationships. Their expertise lies in hard skills. Sometimes, due to pressure of work or lack of opportunity, the soft skills are sidelined. When people have little practice in building rapport with others, it makes it even more difficult to find the time to do it. But networking or relationship building should not be underestimated.

It is only when people’s skills are equally balanced with technical ability that professionals can progress their careers swiftly and successfully. Corporate connections are what everyone with ambition should actively seek and nurture. Whether yours is a large or small organization, it is well worth the effort. But how do you go about it? Networking, creating business connections, building rapport in the workplace, developing professional relationships – call it what you will, this book will help you

How to progress your career and acquire valuable contacts and strong allies along the way

Many people know that the power of personal connections helps businesses succeed. In fact, statistics suggest that a staggering 97 percent of professionals believe it’s whom you know, rather than what you know, that’s important. Business today relies as much on people skills as on qualifications and experience. No matter how brilliant you are at your job, if you want to get ahead, good relationships at work will help.

Task awareness is fine, and being good at your job is eminently desirable. But, if you can harness that with being passionate about people, it will take you further, faster. Those who tackle this area and get it right have the opportunity to positively influence the growth and profitability of their organization and enhance their career. Achieving your goals is far easier with (to paraphrase the Beatles’ song) ‘a bit of help from your friends.

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So how do you go about making the right connections for yourself and your company?

Building effective relationships in the workplace is a valuable skill for all professionals. By developing and nurturing a strong network of personal contacts, you will be more effective in business and in your career. With good relationships in the workplace, you are more likely to be successful when taking charge of new situations; also, those with healthy personal networks have higher job satisfaction. Should you have a problem to solve, you may find a solution more swiftly if you have a number of reliable contacts you can turn to for advice. Remember – it’s reciprocal. If you help others, they will help you in return.

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