High Waisted Cheeky Bikini: What You Need To Know

Are you looking to get some new bikinis? If so, it’s time to say goodbye to your boring old swimsuits and hello to something new. The question is, what kind of bikinis do you want? Do you want something simple and basic? Or do you want something with more flair? Let me tell you: I went on a search for the perfect high waisted cheeky bikini for you. Here are some tips on what worked best for you. In this article, we will try to help you for finding the best bikini for you.

Get your body measured

To get the best fit, take your measurements and compare them with our size charts. The first thing to measure is your waist. Stand straight and breathe out normally. Next, wrap a tape measure around your bare stomach, just above your hip bones, and pull it snugly against the skin. Now let out a breath and relax the tape measure but do not let go of it; this is where you will get your measurement.

Next are bust measurements; to do this, put on a well-fitting bra that gives you support as if you were going to wear it with the suit. Then take another measurement at bust level underarms and around the fullest part of the chest. Again, don’t squeeze too tight. Finally, for hips, stand with feet together without leaning forwards or backward. Lift one leg behind you until both feet form an imaginary line directly beneath each other. Now wrap a measuring tape around both buttocks touching the front seams of jeans, pants or shorts, etc. Then ask someone who knows how much they weigh.

Pick a bright color

For a cheeky bikini, you want a bright color. If you have pale skin and dark hair, stick with bright reds or blues; if you’re darker than that, feel free to choose your favorite bold color.

In terms of picking which shade of pink or orange is right for you (or which shades will be in vogue this summer), it’s best to look at trends instead of following the latest fads. First, look for a color that you love. Then, whether it’s neon pink, dark purple, or baby blue, find a color that speaks to you and makes you feel good about yourself.

A high waist is best for hiding tummies

The great thing about a high waisted cheeky bikini is that it can hide tummy areas. You know, you don’t necessarily want to show off and feel good about those parts of your body? A high waist will help with that, especially if you have a small waist and wider hips or thighs.

As far as swimsuits go, anything from low rise to high rise is fine but keep in mind that if your tummy protrudes more than your chest. Then a higher cut bottom would be more flattering on you instead of something lower cut. It will cover up what needs covering up while still being sexy and revealing at the same time.

Look for some beading and embroidery if you want to feel feminine

Be sure to look for some beading and embroidery if you want to feel feminine. Bikini tops with these types of details can be subtle or bold, but they’re sure to bring a little more fun to your swimwear collection. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something on the more casual end of the scale, headbands with flowers or feathers. It will add just the right amount of sweetness without being too over the top.

How to choose the best high waisted cheeky bikini for sports and pools?

If you want to feel sporty and fresh, choose a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts. These suits are for those who love spending their time in the water as they have a high neckline and are fabrics that dry very quickly.

In choosing your cutout swimsuit, think about what kind of sports you’re doing. If you plan on working out in it or practicing yoga in your poolside studio, go for a higher neckline so that your chest can stay covered throughout your workout sessions. For example:

  • If you’re playing volleyball at the beach: Consider going for a high-cut tankini. This will allow for a full range of motion without compromising comfort or coverage during playtime!
  • If you’re swimming laps at the local pool: Opt for more coverage from top to bottom. This may mean opting out of lines that show off too much skin, like those found along the bra strap.

Best online place to get high waisted cheeky bikini?

If you want these bikinis at affordable prices and with great fabric, head to Kameymall. You can find various backless, printed, and other types of bikinis there.


I hope that we’ve answered all of your questions about high waisted cheeky bikinis. In the post mentioned above, we have told you everything you need to know about these bikinis.

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