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Enhancing Molecular Diagnostics: Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ Real Time PCR System

In the realm of molecular diagnostics, the Tianlong Gentier Mini+ represents a significant leap forward, especially for settings that demand high mobility and precise results. As a compact, portable real time PCR system, the Gentier Mini+ is an ideal solution for mobile laboratories, small research facilities, and onsite testing scenarios. Its innovative design addresses common limitations related to space and sample fragmentation, offering a seamless, efficient, and accurate testing process for a variety of applications, including animal disease prevention, food safety, and infectious disease control.

Compact Design for Enhanced Portability

The Tianlong Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system is a marvel of engineering, designed with portability at its core. This system is not only compact and lightweight but also robust enough to handle the rigors of transport to various testing sites. With no need for fluorescence calibration after relocation, the Gentier Mini+ ensures that laboratory standards are maintained, irrespective of the setting. This feature is particularly beneficial for rapid response scenarios, such as epidemic outbreaks or mobile veterinary clinics, where every moment counts.

Advanced Scanning and Control Features

One of the standout features of the Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system is its capability to perform fluorescence scanning of 16 wells in just one second. This efficiency is critical in high-pressure environments where time and accuracy are paramount. The system offers various control modes to suit different laboratory needs: a standalone control with a 7-inch touchscreen, computer software control, and remote control via tablet. These features allow users to customize their operational settings, enhancing the flexibility and usability of the Gentier Mini+ in diverse research and diagnostic environments.

Robust Software and Connectivity Options

Tianlong has equipped the Gentier Mini+ with powerful software that supports a wide range of analyses, including qualitative and quantitative analyses, SNP analysis, and more. This versatility is essential for laboratories that handle complex tests and require reliable, accurate results. Additionally, the Gentier Mini+ ensures constant connectivity through WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces, facilitating seamless data transfer and remote access to results. Whether it’s in a stationary lab or a field setting, the Gentier Mini+ remains connected, ensuring that data handling and result sharing are efficient and secure.


The Tianlong Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive solution that transforms the landscape of molecular diagnostics. With its portability, advanced features, and robust connectivity, the Gentier Mini+ is an indispensable tool for professionals across various fields. Tianlong continues to innovate, providing tools like the Gentier Mini+ that not only meet the current demands of scientific research and diagnostics but also anticipate future needs, ensuring the health and safety of communities worldwide.

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