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Elevating Efficiency with Techking’s PROADT ADT Tires

Techking, a renowned name in the world of mining and construction, has consistently pushed the boundaries of tire innovation. One of their standout products PROADT, the ADT tire, exemplifies their commitment to providing top-tier solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges.

Enhanced Service Life

The PROADT tire’s key feature is its exceptional service life. Crafted with a unique big block design, these tires maintain a substantial contact area from the top to the bottom, even as they wear down. This design ensures consistent traction and reliability throughout their lifespan. Additionally, the arc groove design plays a pivotal role in preventing groove cracks, further extending the tire’s service life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Sidewall Protection

Sidewall damage is a common issue in the challenging terrains of mining and construction. PROADT tires address this concern with an innovative anti-crack sidewall compound. This compound enhances the tire’s resistance to aging and reduces sidewall cracks, adding an extra layer of protection to your ADTs.

Guaranteed Performance

Techking stands firmly behind the performance of PROADT tires. These tires are more than a product; they represent Techking’s commitment to excellence in the industry. With PROADT tires, you can trust that your ADTs will deliver optimal performance, even in the most demanding conditions.


In the competitive world of construction and mining, choosing the right equipment is paramount. Techking’s PROADT ADT tires set a new standard for durability and performance, ensuring that your ADTs can conquer challenging terrains with ease. With an extended service life, enhanced sidewall protection, and Techking’s unwavering commitment to excellence, PROADT tires are the perfect choice for those who demand the best from their equipment. When you choose Techking’s ADT tires, you’re choosing a tire that doesn’t just meet expectations; it surpasses them, raising the bar for ADT tire excellence.

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