COB LED Displays Are A New Display Fad.

LED screens are widely used. LEDs are everywhere, from the street lights outside your house to the LED screens outside shopping centers. They also change with time. The market no longer favors conventional LEDs as their top option. The old form is becoming less appealing with the introduction of superior and more sophisticated LEDs. Among these cutting-edge technologies are COB LED displays.

A COB LED display

Chip on board, or COB, is an alternative method of chip packing. On a unique PCB board, all chips are physically integrated and packed. Three RGB LED chips are integrated into an SMD electrical package using a technique we call packaging to create a chip diode.

An LED display known as a COB contains LED lights and integrated circuit wire glued to a printed circuit board. It is feasible to have a bigger LED panel with a lower pitch thanks to COB technology. Here, PTC Led offers unique 4K COB LED displays with modest pitches like P0.5, P0.6, P0.7, P0.8, P0.9, P1.2, and P1.5 that are of the highest quality.

The COB LED display from LP DISPLAY is the perfect LED wall for conference rooms, TV studios, exposition centers, theaters, etc. because of its high resolution, smooth connection, shock resistance, good heat dissipation, and broad viewing angle. As a result of our superior PCB design and premium LED components, we can guarantee flawless operation for more than 5 years with our goods.

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