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Beyond the Sale: How OEKAN’s After-Order Support Elevates Your Medical Furnishing Experience

The only things that a medical furniture maker can afford to provide are quality and pricing. Yet, they are required to also provide service once the order has been placed.

The Responsibilities of a Maker of Medical Furnishings

You, as a maker of medical furniture, are accountable for offering after-order assistance to your clients. This implies that you need to be present to answer any questions or issues that the customer may have about their purchase, and you also need to be prepared to fix or replace any things that are damaged.

It is essential to provide after-order service to your consumers since doing so demonstrates to them that you care about their pleasure and are dedicated to fully supporting the things you sell. Moreover, offering this service may assist establish client loyalty, which in turn can lead to increased repeat business.

After-order service provided by OEKAN Furniture

You may have faith in us to handle every facet of the after-order service with the utmost care.

OEKAN Furniture keeps our word and fulfil all of our commitments. It is essential to producing, delivering on our promises, and surpassing your expectations in order to have a perfect experience working on the project. We take care of everything about your after-order services, including the manufacturing, shipping, and installation of the product.

We are able to handle all trade terms, including EXW, FOB, CIF, and DDP, thanks to our extensive experience that spans over 28 years. The furniture may be delivered to your home within a month by our logistics company through any of the following modes of transportation: express, train, truck, aeroplane, or ship. In addition, I am aware that some customers still have concerns over their furniture, despite the fact that we have provided an update on all of the particulars of the current work. As a direct consequence of this, we are able to provide everyone who is worried about their furniture with online inspection and loading displays.


If, however, anything does go wrong, the people working in our customer support department will do all it takes to make things right again.

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