Benefits of conducting Industry Research at Antai College

Looking for a leading Chinese university for cutting-edge industry research in China? Why not consider Antai College! Antai College’s world-class instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and prime location in Shanghai’s commercial area make it the ideal site to study the quickly changing Chinese market.

Why choose Antai College for your industry research in China?

Industry research at Antai College offers a wealth of benefits for students and businesses looking to explore the Chinese market. With access to top researchers and a dedicated industry center, Antai College provides an excellent platform for conducting in-depth research into specific industries or markets.

Students at Antai can benefit from the close proximity to major companies and the ability to conduct interviews and focus groups. Our industry experts are also available to provide guidance and support during the research process.

The benefits of conducting industry research at Antai College go beyond just gaining an understanding of China’s industries. By working with our experts, businesses can build strong relationships with key players in the market, identify new opportunities, and create successful marketing strategies.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff at Antai College are highly skilled and experienced professionals in their respective industries. They are well-equipped to provide businesses with the latest industry research findings and guidance, as well as provide support during business operations in China.


Antai College has a strong R&D focus, with funding coming from external sources. This allows the faculty to dedicate themselves fully to providing world-class teaching to students. The college has also built a strong team of advisors and consultants that can provide additional support for businesses operating in China.

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