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Unveiling the Future with Ikinor’s Interactive Solutions

Welcome to the future of education and collaboration, led by Ikinor, a visionary trailblazer in the world of interactive flat panels. In this era of transformation, Ikinor’s interactive solutions transcend traditional boundaries and redefine the way we learn, teach, and connect.

Beyond Screens: The Power of Interactive Flat Panels

Step into a realm where presentations gain life, discussions become interactive symphonies, and learning is an exhilarating journey. Ikinor’s interactive flat panels redefine engagement by seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, inviting you to touch the future.

  • High Accuracy Infrared 40-Point Touch: Unlock collaborative potential as multiple users engage simultaneously, fostering lively discussions.
  • Android 13 Mother Board: Elevate presentations through Android 13’s high-performance platform, offering expandable RAM and storage.
  • NTSC Technology: Immerse in vibrant visuals with optional NTSC 85% support, painting presentations with vivid hues.
  • Zero Bonding Technology: Immerse in captivating visuals, courtesy of Ikinor’s advanced zero bonding technology.
  • Upgraded Audio: Enrich experiences with standard 2*15W speakers, complemented by optional subwoofers.
  • Full Function Type-C: Enhance connectivity with multi-functional USB Type-C, enabling swift power charging and data transfer.

Legacy Shapers: Ikinor’s Odyssey of Interactive Transformation

Join Ikinor in shaping a legacy that bridges generations, where traditional wisdom meets modern innovation. Step into a future where interactive solutions redefine learning, communication, and growth, unlocking the limitless possibilities of the digital age.

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