The Secrets of Automatic Tablet Counter 

Drug safety is crucial to preserving people’s health and lives since drugs have a direct impact on both. Drugs that are incomplete or contaminated pose major manufacturing issues for pharmaceutical businesses and put patients at risk of taking them accidentally, which might have negative effects on their physical and emotional well-being.

The compression or filling of tablets or capsules, bottling, and collision during transportation are the three processes that most often result in defective medications. Through the screening procedure created before bottling, defective pills may be automatically eliminated from the waste produced while manufacturing medications.

The standard screening equipment, which is pricey, uses mechanical flipping and multi-angle cameras to achieve 360-degree examination. Furthermore, two machines are used to do the tasks of sieving and counting, which unquestionably increases the manufacturing space needed and the overall cost.

How can we ensure proper screening and counting to raise the caliber of our products?

How can I combine many sieves to increase job productivity?

How can the superposition of functions be realized while minimizing equipment space requirements and manufacturing costs?

You may get the answers to the questions above via the Pharmapack automatic tablet counter machine. Please visit the Pharmapack website for other fascinating material.

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