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The Advancements in Medical Radiation Technology by Ray Imaging

Ray Imaging is a pioneering high-tech company that has made remarkable advancements in the field of medical radiation technology. Established in 2014, they specialize in creating, making, and manufacturing advanced intraoral imaging devices. With their expertise in high-voltage generator technology, Ray Imaging has become a prominent specialist in the industry.

Pioneers in high-voltage generator technology

Ray Imaging has revolutionized the field of medical radiation technology with their groundbreaking work in high-voltage generator technology. Their team of experts has pushed the boundaries and achieved notable accomplishments that have set them apart from their competitors. Their dedication to innovation has placed them at the forefront of the industry.

China’s first single-tooth digital imaging system

Ray Imaging’s dedication to pushing boundaries led to the development of China’s first single-tooth digital imaging system. This system provides high-resolution images of individual teeth, enabling precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Dental professionals can now identify and address specific dental issues with greater accuracy, leading to improved patient care.

High-voltage head CT and core components for dental CT

Ray Imaging has also made significant contributions to the field of computed tomography (CT) imaging. Their high-voltage head CT and core components for dental CT have achieved mass production and have become top-selling products in China. These advancements have enhanced the capabilities of CT imaging, allowing for more detailed and comprehensive scans.

Reshaping industry standards through involvement in standardization committees

Ray Imaging and their Chairman & CEO, Mr. Feng Rui, have played a pivotal role in reshaping industry standards. With over 20 years of experience in X-ray imaging, Mr. Feng Rui has been actively involved in the National Medical X-ray Equipment and Appliance Standardization Subcommittee. Their expertise and contributions have helped set new benchmarks in medical imaging technology.


In conclusion, Ray Imaging has made significant advancements in medical radiation technology. Through their pioneering work in high-voltage generator technology, they have introduced revolutionary products that have transformed the field of dental imaging. Their commitment to innovation, their notable achievements, and their impact on medical imaging technology make Ray Imaging a prominent specialist in the industry. With a focus on advancing medical imaging technology, breaking barriers, and fostering innovation, Ray Imaging continues to shape the future of medical radiation technology.

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