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Safeguarding Vehicles with Cutting-Edge Security

Steel Mate, a trailblazer in automotive electronics, officially launched its renowned Car Alarm System in 1997. This electronic marvel serves as a robust defense mechanism, installed in vehicles to deter various security threats, such as car theft and other crimes. With its exceptional capabilities in alerting drivers of potential break-ins, impacts, movements, and engine starts, Steelmate Alarm System has become an industry leader, with over 78 million sets sold to date.

Unparalleled Security – Steel Mate Car Alarm System

Steel Mate’s Car Alarm System stands as a testament to unmatched security and protection for vehicles. Engineered with advanced technology, this electronic device acts as a formidable deterrent, discouraging potential thieves and safeguarding both the vehicle and its contents. With precise alerts for break-ins via car doors, impacts, movements, and engine starts, Steelmate ensures drivers can leave their vehicles with confidence.

A Trusted Choice – Over 78 Million Sets Sold

The overwhelming success of Steel Mate Car Alarm System is reflected in the impressive milestone of over 78 million sets sold worldwide. This immense trust from vehicle owners worldwide is a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of Steelmate’s security solutions. As a preferred brand in the automotive industry, Steel Mate continues to lead the way in ensuring vehicle safety.


Steel Mate Car Alarm System sets the benchmark for cutting-edge vehicle security since its launch in 1997. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and the trust of millions of vehicle owners, Steelmate empowers drivers to protect their vehicles from potential threats and drive with peace of mind. Embrace the unrivaled security of Steel Mate Car Alarm System and safeguard your valuable asset with a dependable and efficient electronic security solution.

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