Play Ta Lo Game – Tips for Playing Ta Lo Online to Win at NEW88

Play the gossip game is a popular and popular betting hall at online bookmakers, including NEW88. However, winning this game is not easy, especially when you first start playing. So, let’s learn about how to play Ta Li and tips to help you win at Nhà Cái New88.

Introduction to how to play the game

The game “I’m a liar” originates from a Chinese folk game. This is a simple card game that just uses a regular deck of 52 cards and can be played by 2 to 4 people.

The aim of the game is to get a set of three cards (four of a kind, straight or flush) or a pair of cards (a pair of cards or a pair of cards of the same number). The player with the best set of three cards or pair of cards will be the winner.

Rules in playing the game of gossip that you need to know

To be play a gossip game At NEW88, you need to understand the basic rules of the game. Here are the basic rules you need to know when playing Siamese:

Card order and card value

In the card game, the order of cards from high to low is: Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. The value of the cards also corresponds to the order. cards, for example: Ace has the highest value, K has lower value than Ace, Q has lower value than K, and so on.

How to calculate points

When play a gossip game , the score is calculated based on the player’s deck of cards. A set of three cards has the highest value and counts for 3 points, a pair of cards of the same number counts for 2 points, and the remaining cards are counted according to their value. If more than one person has the same best deck, then the person with the higher deck will be the winner.


  • Before starting play, players will be dealt 13 cards.
  • The first person to play cards is the person on the dealer’s left.
  • Players can only play cards greater than or equal to the previous card.
  • In case there are no cards to play, you can choose to skip your turn or play a smaller card.
  • When it is their turn to play, players can play single, double, three or four of a kind cards.
  • If a player plays a four-of-a-kind card, all other players must skip their turn and the four-of-a-kind player gets to play the next card.
  • The game ends when one of the players runs out of cards or no other player plays a card.

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The secret to playing the game of gossip always wins

To win in the card game, you need to have some secrets and gaming skills. Below are the secrets to help you win play a gossip game  at bookmaker NEW88.

Determine your goals

Clearly define your goals before starting the game. Do you want to win or simply play for fun? If you want to win, focus on calculating and playing cards smartly. If you just want to play for fun, enjoy the game and don’t worry too much about winning or losing.

Observe your opponent’s cards regularly

One of the important factors in winning the card game is knowing how to read your opponent’s cards. Observe your opponent’s cards regularly to be able to calculate and play cards effectively. If you know what cards your opponent has played, you will have an advantage in playing cards.

Calculate and play cards intelligently

In the card game, calculation and playing cards are two important factors to win. Calculate carefully before playing cards and don’t lose your chance to win just because of lack of thinking. If you can play your cards smartly, your chances of winning will be higher.

Use tricks to play the game

In addition to calculating and playing cards, you should also apply trick playing strategies to win. Bettors can use strategies such as:

  • “Play big cards” strategy: This is the simplest strategy, you just need to play cards larger than your opponent’s cards to win.
  • “Play small cards” strategy: This is the opposite strategy to the “play big cards” strategy. You will play smaller cards to make it impossible for your opponent to play larger cards and give you a chance to win.
  • “Smart card playing” strategy: You will carefully calculate and play your cards intelligently to make it impossible for your opponents to guess your cards.
  • Tactic “pick up “card”: If you have a bad deck of cards, pick up cards to change to a new deck. However, you also need to consider carefully before deciding to pick up cards.

The reason why you always lose when you play gossip games

Even though there are tips and strategies for playing the game, you can’t always win. Here are some reasons why gambling always leads to losing:

Shortage experience

To be able to win in the card game, you need to have experience and a clear understanding of the game. If you have just started playing, the possibility of losing is very high. You should take time to learn and practice your skills before participating in real matches.

Not knowing how to read your opponent’s cards

Reading your opponent’s cards is one of the important factors in winning the card game. If you don’t know how to read your opponent’s cards, it will be difficult to calculate and play cards effectively. Therefore, regularly monitor your opponent’s cards and try to read their cards to win.


In the game of gossip, patience is very important. If you are impatient and always want to play cards quickly, it will be easy for your opponents to defeat you. Be patient and calculate carefully before playing cards to win.


You need to understand the rules and apply tips, skills and strategies to play the game intelligently. Hopefully with the above information and tips for playing card game at bookmaker NEW88, you will be able to win and become a master in this game.

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