Instructions for Playing the Attractive Traditional Card Game

Mentionshield card Everyone is interested and wants to play immediately, because of its attractiveness. However, for beginners, this game is very difficult to play. So to understand the secret to playing effectively, let’s join Trang chủ New88 Learn about the game through the article below.

Learn about what card game is

Chan card game has been popularly played in the North of our country since ancient times until now, with a gameplay similar to shrimp nest. Improved from Totem card consisting of 120 cards divided into 20 types. It sounds a bit complicated, but if you study hard and play a few games, you’ll get used to it. The shield uses the cards and the cards in the 8 rows are second to ninth. Participants will fight and win pairs called Chan and Scrap. Your task to win is to group your cards into cards and cards.

Terminology to understand in online lessons

In addition to remembering the card faces, you must firmly grasp the terms in the palm of your hand when playing cards to have a chance of winning, which are:

  • Chan is the term for two cards of the same number and suit.
  • C is used to refer to two cards of the same number but different suits.
  • Lame is an odd leaf that is not in the shield or cup.
  • Check is when you own three identical cards, and under the check there is a card similar to those three cards, you will have the right to take the card regardless of who draws or bets.
  • Returning is when you show the table card to your opponent’s hand and return the door by playing a card down to replace the card just shown.
  • Buzzing is when you have 19 cards that match a new card revealed from the venom and at least 6 must be even.
  • Squeezing means two people buzz the same card, the person with priority to buzz is the person sitting near the card door in a counter-clockwise direction.

Rules for playing online cards to remember

The card has a total of 120 cards, maximum 4 people and minimum 2 people, it will be more interesting when there are 4 members participating. The deck of cards is divided into 5 parts and 1 part is used to make shields. The card owner will be the one who combines 5 odd cards into any 1 card to make the pile.

Next, draw a card from the pile and put it in any of the remaining 4 sections. If in the previous game you were behind on the cards, you will take the card and the remaining person will deal the card. If the previous game is completed, the lower hand will proceed to pick the next game. Whoever buzzes first will be the winner.

It sounds very complicated and difficult to remember, but if you play and learn, it will be more interesting. Make full use of your thinking and tactics to control the game and limit errors. Surely you will enjoy participating in this game, it will help you relieve all pressure and show your intelligence.

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Gain experience to play a solid game

Firmly grasping the experience of playing cards in your hands will quickly bring you a sky-high chance of winning, let’s take a look at those experiences.

Experience in catching cards

First is the experience of catching cards, take the time to observe a game to see your opponent’s playing habits. Once you can see your opponent’s card playing habits, based on that you will be able to build your own strategy in the best way.

Remember the blocking cards

Memorizing all the shield cards is not simple at all for new players. To remember, you can follow the tips, or you can write them down on paper to remember. This will help you avoid confusion and win more easily. Playing this game not only requires you to be smart but also very creative. Having a super memory along with skillful gameplay will quickly make you the tycoon of this game.

Experience in fighting according to a specific strategy

You should have a specific playing strategy, how to skillfully control your cards, in order to pressure your opponent. Pay attention to see if your opponent plays or doesn’t play any cards, you can pressure them by showing them similar cards.

At the same time, remembering the rules of the game and understanding the rules is also an important experience to bring you to the fastest victory when playing card games, please pay attention.

It can be seen that the card game has extremely great appeal, making everyone fascinated when participating in playing. New88 Hopefully with the above sharing you can start playing cards and wish you quickly become a tycoon in making this card game.

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