How To Avoid Crypto Scam: A Guide From KuCoin

With the rise of cryptocurrency as the primary international currency, there is no denying that the frauds, scams, and hacking related to crypto have also increased. There are various crypto exchange platforms available worldwide, and each one claims to be the best. Still, the primary factor in choosing the crypto exchange is the security measures offered by cryptocurrency exchanges. Of course, no platform is 100 percent secure because scammers are also evolving. KuCoin is arguably the most secure crypto trading platform available due to its different security measures that are nearly impossible to crack.

In this article, we shall discuss the security of crypto and how we make our assets secure, as recommended by KuCoin.

Crypto Scams

Most of the time, no security breach results in the loss of money and unwanted activities with the account; it is a phishing attack. The crypto exchanges are designed to detect and repel most hacking attacks. It is not possible to create a 100 percent secure platform because hackers are also evolving and updating, but KuCoin constantly updates its security to avoid these attacks.

However, the scammer can get sensitive information about the account such as private keys, username, passwords, and more with the phishing attack. A phishing attack is designed to get this information from the user without their knowledge.

Scammers use the duplicate websites and place them on the top of search results by using the Google ads option so that when the user puts their login information, they will go to these hackers.

These are the ways by which the scammer attacks:

  • email spoofing
  • fake website
  • messages with a fake link
  • websites with fake links
  • Fake support chat.
  • Wi-fi phishing attacks

How To Avoid These Scams

The crypto exchange platform has a significant role in protecting the privacy and security of the user, but the customer must also be careful and sensible in protecting their assets. To avoid these scams, KuCoin provides different ways.

Official Media Verification

KuCoin offers the users to confirm the authenticity of the emails and social media by which they are contacted. The user has to paste the link on the official KuCoin website verification section, and it will tell whether to respond to these messages or not.

Bookmark Official Website

Most of the time, the phishing attack produces duplicate websites and gets on top with google ads. You can avoid it by saving the crypto site as the bookmark so that you do not have to search for it.

Site Certificate

Before using any website, make sure that it is safe to use, and you can easily do it by checking the security sign beside the site address.

Safety Phrase

You can set a safety phrase for personal verification so that when KuCoin sends a mail or when you open their website, you see your word. If the website is fake, it will not show, and you will know that you are on the wrong website.

Two Factor Authentication

Enable the two-factor authentication to avoid unwanted login from unknown devices. KuCoin offers two-factor authentication in easy steps.

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