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Enhancing Fetal Monitoring Mobility with Edan’s FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor

In the realm of prenatal healthcare, the ability to conduct reliable and convenient fetal monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal maternal and fetal well-being. Edan‘s groundbreaking FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor, recognized as the first truly miniaturized fetal monitor, embodies a perfect fusion of standard fetal monitoring and mobile device capabilities. Let’s explore the remarkable features of the external fetal monitor and uncover how it is transforming the landscape of external fetal monitoring, both within clinical settings and during home visits.

Miniaturized Design for Enhanced Adaptability

Edan’s FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor presents a compact and portable solution that caters to various clinical demands, seamlessly transitioning from hospital use to home visits. With its miniaturized design and user-friendly interface, the FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor provides an accessible and familiar monitoring workflow, allowing caregivers to effortlessly integrate it into their routine practices. Simultaneously, expectant mothers benefit from the freedom of movement facilitated by the use of wireless transducers, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient monitoring experience.

Unmatched Portability for On-The-Go Monitoring

The FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor Kit, consisting of a tablet computer and a wireless probe, offers an exceptionally lightweight fetal monitoring system that healthcare professionals can easily carry for on-the-go monitoring, including home visits. This enhanced portability empowers medical staff to conduct comprehensive fetal monitoring assessments efficiently, regardless of the clinical setting, ensuring continuous and reliable monitoring for expectant mothers, even outside of traditional healthcare facilities.

Comprehensive Mobile System and Analysis Tools for Informed Decision-Making

Edan’s FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of fetal monitoring data, facilitating quick and informed decision-making by healthcare providers. With its integrated analysis tools, including key features for easy interpretation, doctors and nurses can swiftly assess and analyze monitoring results, ensuring timely interventions and personalized care for expectant mothers. This powerful combination of mobility and advanced analysis tools reinforces the FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor’s position as a game-changer in the field of external fetal monitoring.


In conclusion, Edan’s FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor represents a significant advancement in the realm of prenatal care, offering enhanced mobility, portability, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. With its innovative design and powerful analytical tools, the FTS-6 Mobile Fetal Monitor empowers healthcare professionals to deliver accurate and timely care, ultimately fostering improved maternal and fetal health outcomes.

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